Monday, January 31, 2011

Long over-due baby Update*

Well this month has more then flown by! It seems just like yesterday I wasn't celebrating New Years.

(insert pity party here)

Things are basically going the same, except now I am carrying what seems to be like a basketball on steroids under this small shirt of mine. I find myself more leaning towards Josh's shirts now to prevent an excessive amount of plumber belly because lets be honest... no one likes plumber belly! That has trailer park written all over it.

As some of you know, I have switched back from my horrible midwife experience... oh my lanta was that a trip! Not a good vacation Aruba trip either! This was one of those "I'm going to Mexico!".... and end up in drug lord town kind of trips.
Excuse my french but this bitch was so miserable! I don't know if she just hated her job because she has been doing the same thing since WWII, or because she just hated life in general. Either way, I don't care. I fixed this problem in a jump, skip and a hurry! I  really don't care I am seeing a bunch of different people at the OB Clinic. Fact is, I would rather stick a needle in my eye then see that Mrs. Doubtfire wannabe again.

Tomorrow (2-1-11) I will be 26 weeks, with 14 more to go! It hasn't been a bad ride so far. I kind of like being pregnant. But just the other day I was wondering how some women can go through postpartum depression. I would think they would be overwhelmed with joy to finally meet the little spawn that's been sucking all the life out of you! Personally, I can't wait to get this little nugget man out of me! I feel like he has started his own little football team in my uterus.

The only thing I am worrying about (which I know I shouldn't be) is getting everything ready for when he is here. I am one of the OCD people that wants everything done months ahead of time so this whole waiting for the baby shower shit is driving me crazy! Call me spoiled, but i mean dang... this crap ain't for me! I think a part of me thinks that I am bribing him out with gifts.

I'm not into those whole big baby showers either because I feel its a waste of money. I find that a personal-made banner with everyone's signature or whatever is way more sentimental then the traditional Party-City ones. As far as decorations go.....who needs em? Surely not me! All I require is a mexican cake and the stuff I registered for. I think that's fairly easy if I do say so myself, haha. No invites are necessary either. Mass texts and phone calls do the same thing as long as they know where to go to get the baby stuff.

Speaking of invites... my baby book from Etsy has a nice little space to paste a baby shower invite into. Would it be considered lying if I just made one and posted it there? This way I can go all out on my baby book invite and be all " Your baby shower was the shiznitz my little dude!" I am sure eventually he would call me on my bluff but hey? "A" for effort right? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be offended once I showed him all of the cute clothes and toys he had just because I saved a few bucks on these invites.

And just a quick note on registry's... someone recently said that people don't really get the shit from your registry and that they will buy what they want? Well shit ... they better come with gift receipt in hand because I'll be damned if I spent all that time picking out my babies perfect wardrobe future for it to just be wasted!

ANYWAYS, that was really off  my "baby update" topic but blah blah blah who cares this is my blog so "DON'T JUDGE ME!"

Oh yeah, we have an ultra sound scheduled Feb 7th or 9th? which ever one falls on a Wednesday. So I'll make sure to upload them beaut's once I got them. I think if they have the 3D ones I'm going to try the sleeper hold approach until they give me them for free. I'll let you know how that goes.

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