Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Recent 4-1-1 (re-post from other blog)

We found out we are having a  little boy!!!!

 Not going to lie I was a tid bit disappointed  because I wanted a little girl that I could teach to say “girls gone wild” to, but I am happy either way. God must feel that I know how to handle men pretty well because he has ever so graciously blessed me with soon to be 3 in my house. Yes, I am including my dog because he thinks he is a human. But fingers crossed that the next one is a female... or gay.


His precious name is going to be Roman Elliott.... with the full name its more then a mouth full which I am sure that will bite me in the ass later on when I am screaming his full name, because he will definitely be giving me a run for my money. You know what I am talking about, if you know his father.
I can picture it now... me being so angry and just messing up his name because I won't be able to say it in one solid breath.  Then having the joke be on me. I'll take my chances. Most people would be scared that a baby is coming in t-minus 4 months but not me. I was born for this, and by this i mean telling people what to do.
In theory, I plan of having enough kids to get all of my housework done in a timely manner so that I can sit back and enjoy my extra dirty martini. Also I have it planned out that they will need to have full time jobs and be ready to move out by 18 or 19. If they plan on living home... drinking habits that will develop  will need to be supported, and if any of you know me... that might get a little expensive.

Speaking of drinking I think the only thing I might be a little bent about is my diminishing tolerance to alcohol. I have been religiously working on this since I was 12... seriously. I mean I could hang with the best with them!!!! But now... I’m guessing my tolerance is like a pathetic 2 year old. (Given that your 2 year old drinks and if so....I’m compelled to say kudos, for using that method of calming your children down that <dont lie> most of us mothers dream of!)

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  1. Well I am buckled and ready for the ride. I am sure this is going to be an interesting blog. You have always had a unique way of expressing yourself. I am sure this will be another format for you. Is the world ready for it.. Oh yahh. Have fun..