Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roman Rambles

I feel like I have been seriously on the go lately, from family visiting to all the orders I have recently gotten with RoLeeJo, it has been non-stop!

Roman is just getting over having a cold. << as he currently sneezes in my face!!! Cover that shit up kid! >>  No cold will stand in this kids way though. He is crazy full of it and it probably doesn't help that Josh and I will laugh at everything he does... But here is a break down of his silliness from the past couple weeks...

As you know, I am still sort of battling the potty training. You would think he would not like being wet... nope not my child. He will straight up chill in his wet pants until I notice. So while we are out and he all of a sudden needs to go, this is what I have to do. (Thanks to a good friend of mine that suggested it)
Yeah... he took a crap too. I wasn't quite prepared for that!
I love little boy underwear! But I seriously question their logo positioning on some of them. For example... when Roman comes out saying "Mommy, push my button", it really puts me in a very awkward position. I only pray he doesn't grow up and name it The Green Lantern.

Roman has also started being more interested in movies. Shrek, Chicken Little, Tarzan, and Toy Story. He will randomly spit out quotes here and there from each of them and we will have to seriously rack our brain for what the hell he is even talking about. It isn't like he says it that day or the next... more like a week or two later! In this particular situation he is quoting Toy Story...."Where are your rebel friends now?! HAHAHAHA". How wonderful... he has the entire movie to take in and quote and this is what he decided to use.
(I swear my son owns pants)

Josh and I find it hysterical to get roman to say inappropriate things. Not crazy inappropriate but def not something you would typically hear come out of a two year olds mouth. We have a more laid back approach on parenting. Obviously I don't want him to say something that would hurt someones feelings but to me "Stupid" and "Dumb" are not bad words. Unless you use them how roman tends to, lol.  But that is something I am always talking to him about... there are ways you can express your feelings without hurting others.

He hasn't really used any swear words yet... except for "shit". He pee'd his pants and while walking to the bathroom proceeded to say (3 or 4 times) "Oh shit"....He used it in the correct way though so good for him. ha ha. I think if you don't make a HUGE deal out of them saying bad words, they are less likely to use them over and over or they observe how and when they should use them. Most won't agree with me but to each his own.

I will leave you with this weeks funny video inspired by yours truly..... 

You're Welcome.


  1. Ahhh .. now that made my day!! Such a wonderful life for all of you!

  2. Great potty training idea!
    Roman sounds like a blast.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Definitely never a dull moment... that is for sure! haha
      Hope you have a great weekend as well! :)