Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Medicated Adventures

Well today I am going to be skipping Sunday Social and blogging about our happenings around the homestead.

I will start out by saying.... CAN IT PLEASE BE SPRING ALREADY?! I am totally ready for hot & humid weather and for an end to all the sickness these poor kids have been dealing with!!

Roman has been battling this stupid cold or whatever it is since my family was here in the beginning of the month. I thought he was in the clear about a week or so ago, but still had a pretty crucial cough going on. Now it's back and has brought a rash on his cheek and hand with it.

There are two things I hate.... snot ... UGH SNOT, and coughing. Now coughing doesn't sound so bad and yes a fever would be worse but with Roman he has not picked up on the whole "cover your mouth when you cough" concept. When he does start hacking up his lungs it's usually right when he is next to me. I swear he will stop whatever he is doing.... get right up in my business.... and cough basically in my mouth. Shit. Is. Gross!!! Nothing says I love you like a shared cough.

Another thing about Roman, he is a master at taking medicine. JUST KIDDING! This kid has to be sumo wrestled down, and basically put in a choke hold if I have any hope of getting medicine into his mouth. His thrashing and screaming is a little inappropriate. It no longer becomes my fault when he gets a stick to the eye, or a shove up the nose with the medicine syringe.
Now before people start being all "Oh you are approaching it wrong and I would be scared too if thats how I received medicine.. blah blah blah". I have tried all other techniques and still give him the choice of how he would like to take it, but when push comes to shove and he has a 102 fever... kid is going to take this damn medicine whether he likes it or not!

He has a doctor kit, a boy version of the Doc Mcstuffins book of boo boos and has given me, his father and Aunt hey hey PLENTY of check-ups. Kid is a pro. He even developed his own technique when giving shots. He will give you the shot while tickling you in attempt to distract you from the pain you are about to endure from his .5" wide, blunt, pretend needle. (Remember this because it will come up later in this post)


What is your diagnosis doc?!?!

Recently I have been trying to trick him with his stuffed animals. I will get him to give them medicine, use the bulb syringe to suck out their stuffed animal boogies.....the whole nine. But when it comes time for the stuffed animals to have a turn and suck out Roman's boogs, he isn't so understanding of the whole process. Apparently having Mr. Bearstien bear suck out your boogs isn't as enjoyable as it may sound. It is probably better then my sneak attack approach where he will be playing, reading, whatever.... and I sneak up from behind, and shove the bulb up his nose. He isn't a big fan of that one either, ha ha.
(Sorry Pep-pep for using the bear you got him. I thought the heart made him seem loving. I might have been wrong!)

Hopefully I am not creating a fear in him of his stuffed animals. Actually, I hope I am.... personally, I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals. Three or four... yeah that's cute... but when it hits 10 stuffed animals my OCD sets in. They all of a sudden don't fit in his stuffed animal bin or don't sit so cute on his shelf anymore. They become unwelcome guests in my overly organized house.
Anyways, back on track....maybe that is what his bad dreams have been about. All of his stuffed animals ganging up on him to suck out his boogs! For psychological purposes I should probably not use Dr. Bearstein anymore.

Another incident that Roman really did not appreciate was when he got his flu shot. I was going back and forth on getting it or not, but with how bad the flu has been around here with people close to us I figured it couldn't hurt. Well when he got it done I thought it would be a brilliant idea to use his tickle to distract method. Of course I didn't do it while she was giving him the shot. I really don't think he would like a needle to the knee. But when she was done I found the perfect opportunity to try and give him a little tickle, LMAO! Needless to say it didn't work and on top of that the nurse must have been thinking "WTF is she doing?!" Probably should have explained going into it that this is how roman likes to distract his pretend patients.
Instead I ended up with one pissed off toddler and a nurse that was most likely questioning my parenting abilities.Perfect. I think it is safe to say that won't be happening again and that I probably shouldn't be taking comforting techniques from a toddler.

Lesson learned.


  1. C'mon, it SNOT so bad. See what I did there?

    Hope he gets over the crud soon for your sake as well as his!

    1. Oh but it Sniz!!! (get the reference?! hahahaa) You're welcome.

  2. Perfect.... I laughed out loud!!

  3. Aw poor guy! I totally know how you feel about shared coughs. My husband and daughter got the flu at the beginning of the year, and my daughter *literally* coughed in my mouth multiple times. And she'd have to sleep on top of me and would breathe her germs on me all night. I had gotten a flu shot so I thought I was cool and then BAM I got it bad too! I can't wait until they understand how to cover their mouths, haha. And for sneezing too!

    1. Oh no that is no fun at all! I hope you all are feeling better!!!