Friday, December 13, 2013

Behind RoLeeJo & Holiday Giveaway

Most of you that know me know that I have a small sewing business, RoLeeJo. My passion for it sort of came out of nowhere, and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how easy it was for me to learn.

Once obtaining my first machine and started making random things for Roman. Then it sat there collecting dust for a good few months.  I can't exactly remember what made me start sewing again... BUT I did and that is when RoLeeJo was born.

The name RoLeeJo..... I came up with it by putting Josh's, Roman's and my name together.

At first I was making a little bit of everything, it was getting a bit overwhelming. Now RoLeeJo is mostly aimed towards personalized toddler and kid items. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE adventuring off into making things I have never made before or just anything one will find on good ol Pinterest. I have a good amount of friends who send me pictures saying "Can you make this for me?", and of course I get excited for the challenge. It breaks up the same old daily sewing for me.

For Example... Here are a few pictures of my work (outside of what I normally do). Some of the pictures below are done by my good friend Danielle with Danielle Lemon Photography. She has the best personality and does AMAZING work! Definitely check her out!

Now I have an Embroidery machine and get to add embroidered monograms and personalization to just about anything! I don't think many people know I have this machine because I haven't done a great job at advertising it.

This is what sort of inspired me on my current Holiday Giveaway, that and the fact that I love Christmas. I kind of pride myself on being a really good gift giver so when the chance comes to give a bunch of gifts... it will be the only time you will find me broke and happy about it.

RoLeeJo's Holiday Giveaway is a pick your own personalized prize giveaway. Here is the banner...

So yeah... That is that and I am really excited to see who gets picked.  Lets be honest, giveaways are pretty awesome. Who doesn't love free stuff?! If you say you don't you are probably lying. It's ok though, I forgive you.

If you would like to stop by and check out my other work, just click HERE . You can enter the giveaway on the same page.

Happy Holidays everyone!! Much love to you and your families!

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