Monday, September 9, 2013

The Joys of Potty Training.

I have been dreading this point for a very long time now. To the point where I was sort of prepared to just let Roman wear diapers the rest of his life. The positive part of that would  be he eventually would be able to change his own diapers and it would definitely keep the ladies away when he gets older.

On a serious note though, it hasn't been as bad as I imagined. I was planning on waiting until we got back from our trip to NY at the end of the month (Could you imagine two 14 hour drives with a newly potty trained toddler?!). Roman however had different plans and randomly asked if he could go pee on the potty. His ambition to keep going was that he loved putting toilet paper into the toilet. Well one roll, and a clogged toilet later I knew it was time to come up with a new potty plan if he was really going to do this thing!

Toilet paper in hand, and very excited about it.

A while ago we received a bulk size box of skittles from a good friend. They have become our new reward. He goes pee, he gets a skittle. He goes poop...... I plan on giving him a present and tons and tons of praise!

On the first day, he had a couple accidents as expected, but then he learned that if he went on the toilet that he would get a skittle. It got to the point where he would go a little, get a skittle... go romp around for awhile until he wanted another skittle and would go again. He would go a little and hold it over and over so he would keep getting more and more skittles. Sometimes I think he is a little too smart. But whatever gets him to go!!

The second day he did sooooo good! He woke up dry from sleeping and his naps. No accidents except for pooping in his underwear. OH MY LANTA!!! I wanted to gag. No way was I ready for this shit. Literally. I will spare you the details. You're welcome!

We are only on day 4, but things are still as good as day 2. My major obstacle right now is figuring out how to get him to poop on his porcelain throne. Here is what I have tried so far......

We started a poop band... yes you read that right, a poop band.
I really thought this was going to work BUUUT it hasn't.

Here are some of our top hits :

Roman had a Little Poop (Mary had a little lamb)
Twinkle Twinkle Roman's Poop
American Poop (American Baby- DMB)
The Itsy Bitsy Poopy
and many more!

My good friend was giving me some tips on potty training and it came up that kids like to feel grounded so I should try to keep his feet on something.

This is what I came up with lol... there is a small DVD player with Little Einsteins on it. Good news... he got to watch a whole episode of toonies. Bad news, he didn't poop.

We read books, played with iPhone apps, and consumed an inappropriate amount of skittles and chips. Hopefully something will work soon.

UPDATE--- as I was typing all of this up, you will not believe what happened! He pooped on the potty! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

What an overachiever. ;)

How funny is it that we get so excited over our children taking a dump on the toilet? The show and praise that goes on is pretty comical. I don't remember it, but I hope my first crap was just as fun and rewarding as Romans. (MOM- feel free to NOT share. Seriously, I won't approve your comment) haha


  1. Oh gosh! Sounds like a handful! I'm worried about potty training too... I've heard so many stories. But one day they all get the hang of it, right? Hopefully knowing that will help us through the journey.

  2. Yes! One day they will get the hang of it, or so I hope! Unfortunately we are back to square one. I think he just really likes making me work it, haha!