Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ranting and raving.... but mostly ranting.

Well, lets see.... Not much excitement has been going on here. Roman decided that I need to continue changing crappy diapers after-all. What a bummer. Not exactly sure what happened with all of that, but he was all gravy then just randomly decided he was over the whole potty situation. Most people would just keep on pushing it but the way I see it as he just really isn't ready for all the fun the porcelain god has to offer. We will try again in a couple of weeks.

We recently discovered this sweet new playground just up the road from us. I am pretty sure it is the best playground I have ever been too. Like, its a little inappropriate all the cool things our children are getting to enjoy now compared to what was available back in the early 90's.  Who am I kidding?! I am totally jealous because when I was young all we had was a wooden, wasp infested one. It was complete with those little pebble stones that would sneakily find there way into the bottom of your sneakers or jellies. Annoying.

Just so we are on the same page, let me share some pictures of the new park.

View as you are walking in

This. Park. Is. AWESOME! There are areas that have bells, drums, a color wheel, kaleidoscope, and tons more. Not going to lie, I can get a little edgy when I have to wait in line for the roller slide. I constantly have to remind myself that this is all for the kids, ha ha.
The only negative thing is there really is no place for parents to sit and NO SHADE (unless you like to hide under the playground its self). But lets be honest, I can only slouch like Quasimodo for so long.
It is hardly ever busy when we go there. I think people are just starting to hear about it since it is new. If you live in Wilmington and haven't been to Olsen Park, I highly recommend checking it out. Just make sure to sunscreen your little's up nice and good, and bring lots of water!

Oh and here is the park I grew up playing on....

Yeah, yeah, yeah... its big, and I did love playing on it. But when you leave with a couple of wasp stings, probably a few splinters and jellies full of rocks, you will start to question how much fun you really had. ;)


  1. From pottie to playgrounds... you always make me smile Lele.

  2. well you should have seen the one your mom and i grew up with....hmmm, lets see a steel slide about 3 stories high, that burned the skin off the back of your legs when you slid down it(metal heats up real good in the summer) a metal merry-go-round (i think our parents were trying to lighten the children pool) teeter totters that allowed some big kid to get you up in the air and then jumped off, and when we fell off the slide, the merry-go-round, or the teeter totter, it was on cement. oh yes and we had the famous (once again) steel monkey bars that went up a ladder and straight across, if you were on top the only way off was to slip through the bars, which need i say landed you on cement and if you were lucky you didnt crack yur face on the bar on the way down...oh yes and did i mention there was always broken glass on the cement. Swings, same thing very heavy metal, good to crack someones head open with, especially if you jumped off and turned to look back...all this and we were in heaven....NO ADULT SUPERVISION!...