Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Official!!!

It has been about two weeks and I can officially say ROMAN IS POTTY TRAINED! No more poopy diapers for this lady **raising the roof**!!!

His transition really was not bad at all. I think he already had the peeing situation down... I mean yeah, we had a few accidents here and there, but it happens.

Now pooping on the other hand..... OH MY LANTA! I could not get him to go!!! So I pulled out the potty chair we have (because I feel the need to have 3 different brands and styles of potty chairs and seats) and set it in the living room for him so hit on and watch TV. Doing this says a lot, because I personally hate potty chairs. I feel like they are another form of diapers. The point of potty training (in my opinion) is to not have to deal with as much clean up. But Roman was going on day 3 and this kid. needed. to. go!  Long story short, he wouldn't go so I stuck his undies back on him so I could go start dinner. Next thing I know I come back into the living room to roman "hiding". (AKA pooping). So at this point I am all "Oh he will just go in his undies and realize he doesn't like the feeling", until I look over and realized he no longer had his undies on... they were chilling by his potty.

This story ends with a big 'ol pile of crap right on my floor. I can tell you there is one person that got a good laugh out of this... my mom! Yep... My mom laughed harder than I have heard her laugh in awhile. I am glad my poopy misfortunes bring her such joy. You're welcome mom. You. Are. Welcome.

Well two or three floor incidents later, I finally got him to go! One of my best friends described it as the "Potty Olympics". I wanted to keep him moving until he REALLY had to go. "Jump higher, run faster, push harder!" , ha ha.

We would chase him around the table, and jump around finding things for us, until he absolutely needed to go! It was on the verge of being..... no, it was ridiculous.

Roman discovered potty yoga... and it is a new and upcoming trend. You saw it here first.

 We colored, read, and built with blocks...

And the blocks is what did it!!! I had him bending and grabbing blocks from one side and building towers on the table.

With all of these potty training powers combined.... I can now present to the world...


I know he is going to kill me for posting all of these someday. O'well, I can say it is payback for his rebellious teenage years to come!

Please feel free to share some funny stories of your own! :)

Until next time....

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  1. This is so good. I must say I literally was dying laughing but you do make an awesome mother. When I look at him in pictures I could just squeeze him he is so cute.